Airborne Pets

Quarantine Regulations

Quarantine applies to cats, dogs, ferrets and any other rabies susceptible animals, that do not qualify under the Pet Travel Scheme.

Animals that do not qualify, may not be imported into the UK without an import licence being issued in advance, and must be moved to an DEFRA approved quarantine kennel, until they meet the required standard.

Those animals entering the UK under an import licence may only arrive at certain airports in the UK, please check the DEFRA web site to see which would best suit your plans. 

All Quarantine premises are privately owned and operated under DEFRA approved authority, these can be found via the DEFRA website.

DEFRA website:

Once you have chosen the kennels, you should reserve space for your pet, in most cases the kennel will submit an application for an Import permit on your behalf, they will collect your pet at the airport and take in transit to the quarantine premises. You will not be allowed to transport your pet to the quarantine premises yourself.  

The cost of quarantine can vary considerably you should check with the kennels direct for these charges.



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